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Gasoline Media is a B2B public relations consultancy that specialises in the AV, entertainment technology and events industries.

At Gasoline, we understand that the essence of effective PR is to communicate with our client’s customers, supplying them with what they need to know about a product or service in a clear, concise manner that has real meaning.

We aim to deliver this with every piece of communication we produce, providing you with a PR programme that builds brands, connects directly with your customers, drives sales and produces real, bottom line results.

It’s all about reputation. Good PR builds and manages reputation.

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Sennheiser Swings Both Ways With Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams spent much of April, May and June on tour throughout Europe promoting his latest album, Swings Both Ways, culminating in four nights at London’s O2 Arena. Taking care of musical genres from jazz to rock was a comprehensive package of Sennheiser microphones and in-ear monitors.



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