Sennheiser Solutions’ launches LimitEar® HDM® Pro at IBC

New from Sennheiser UK’s Solutions portfolio, the LimitEar® HDM® Pro provides the most audible, safe hearing experience for the broadcast TV, film, radio and live events industries.


The HDM Pro is installed into the headphone cable and ensures personal Hearing Dose Management® at all times, warns the user of significant levels and takes action to protect them only when necessary.


Three mechanisms are included in HDM Pro to protect the user against the causes of noise induced hearing loss from reproduced sound and to assist in meeting the Noise at Work Regulations 2005.


Typical operation of these are: the instantaneous clipping of extreme impulse signals above 118dBA SPL; the rapid management of very high signals above 100dBA SPL (but below 118 dBA SPL) using Rapid Overload Response™; the long-term Hearing Dose Management® based on a rolling 24 hour assessment.


“Following two years of development and successful trials, we are very pleased to announce an exclusive agreement with LimitEar which will see the HDM Pro technology integrated into Sennheiser Headphones and Headsets, starting with the HD 25 range“ explains Tim Sherratt, Engineering and Technical Services Manager at Sennheiser UK.


Careful use of the headphones with its level indication scheme will ensure the maximum sound levels throughout the working day with no discernable loss of sound quality. If required to, both Rapid Overload Response and long-term Hearing Dose Management will introduce high quality attenuation to ensure appropriate levels are complied with over the day, whilst allowing maximum usability with relatively high signals in the short-term.


"The genesis of the idea for HDM Pro came from the fact that noise induced hearing loss is a serious and avoidable health issue, but one that relatively few people have woken up to. If we don't address this problem soon, it's going to get a lot worse, so our product protects users automatically and effectively. We're delighted that HDM Pro has been adopted by such a respected brand,” says Stephen Wheatley, Managing Director at LimitEar.


The LimitEar HDM Pro will be available exclusively in the UK from HHB Communications and Canford Audio.


Technical specification

·       Less than 3dB insertion loss

·       LED indication of monitoring activity, high dose battery level

·       Battery life greater than seven days under any usage condition; recharged using a micro USB connector

·       Weight: <30g additional to cable

·       Size: <60 x 21 x 12mm on cable; total length <90 including strain relief

Additional quotes are available below:


“Hearing loss is recognised as an important issue by BECTU, as is the risk of hearing health where headphones are shared.  'Hearing loss is a hugely important issue for us at BECTU. Our members are at real risk if they don't have proper protection and, if they share earpieces, also risk their hearing health. Flexible solutions that allow our members to protect their ears at the same time as allowing them to do the best job they can have to be the way forward,” according to BECTU’s Tony Lennon.


Kate Bull, Commercial Director for Action on Hearing Loss, said: “ Noise induced hearing loss is the most common cause of permanent hearing damage. It needs urgent attention in the workplace as it is avoidable and has a devastating impact on people's lives. So many people use headphones and earpieces every day at work, unaware that unregulated use can damage their hearing many years later. 'Hearing Dose Management Pro' is an innovative  solution to the problem and a very welcome step forward in helping us to protect hearing for people in the media and entertainment sector."

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