Passenger takes to the road with Sennheiser LSP 500

Singer songwriter Passenger (aka Mike from Brighton, as he introduces himself) may be one man busking with a guitar, but this is busking with a difference. Fans turn up in their droves to his impromptu gigs. Both they and production manager and FOH engineer Simon Kemp have discovered the benefits of Sennheiser’s LSP 500 wireless loudspeakers.


Announced on his Facebook page only a matter of hours before each performance, and drawing crowds of up to a thousand at a time, Passenger’s latest ‘busks’ have seen him perform in Manchester, Brighton and on London’s South Bank outside the Tate Modern and they certainly haven’t been disappointed in the quality of the audio.


Simon explains why he chose to use the LSP 500s.


“I looked into this long and hard,” he says. “The whole vibe of these gigs is that we need to be able to turn up anywhere and be completely self contained. We need a battery powered system because we don’t want to have to get power anywhere. In fact, in a lot of places we go to we can’t get power. And we need to be able to set up in five minutes.”


After a lot of deliberation and looking at different options, Simon realized that there was nothing that was completely suitable.


“Nothing was really quite ‘ballsy’ enough,” he continues. “Then, just by chance, someone recommend the Sennheiser LSP 500s to me. We decided to investigate, but they looked too good to be true.


“I got Sennheiser’s Mark Saunders to give me a demo and I was blown away. I couldn’t quite believe that such a sound came out of such a little tiny speaker. The fact that we can have a speaker, put it in a case and fly it around the world and it’s still under 32kg blows my mind.”


Simon’s decision to use the LSP 500 system came just two days before they started busking. “I said ‘can we get a pair?’ They moved heaven and earth to deliver them to us and they’re perfect!


“This is a really good test; it’s music and although it’s a guy on a guitar, it’s a really dynamic show to do. It gets really intimate and then really loud. The fact that the LSP 500s can keep up is really impressive and the fact that I can have different inputs for the guitar, etc, and compress them is a lifesaver.


“And I really can set it up in five minutes. The other great thing is that there are are two batteries per speaker, so if one of them is running low I can just hot swap them and carry on going. There’s nothing else quite like it.”


Passenger is currently appearing at various festivals around Europe including Belgium’s Rock Werchter, Montreux Jazz Festival and T In The Park in Scotland, before heading over to the US in August.

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