DiGiCo SD9 Lures Soundlink Away From Analogue


Since its launch, the compact DiGiCo SD9 has made a significant impact on audio rental and sound reinforcement companies who need a digital console for medium-sized productions. An example is Soundlink, a Dutch audio company whose SD9 has been in constant use since it was purchased a year and a half ago.


Owned by Bas Jansen, Floris Roelfzema and Hugo van Meijeren, Soundlink is based near the town of Roden, just west of Groningen. After five years of providing sound reinforcement as a hobby, in 2008 they turned Soundlink into a full-time business and have not looked back since.


“In the summer of 2010 we were in the market for buying a new analogue console and multicore,” says Hugo.  “We contacted TM Audio in Utrecht and they suggested that we look at digital consoles because of the advantages in size, weight, the convenience of a fibre optic multicore and the many other possibilities that digital consoles offer.


“Although we are a relatively small company, we've always had high standards. After looking at all the available options, we agreed to do a side-by-side comparison between the DiGiCo SD9 and one other digital console. Once we had done the comparison, we all felt the SD9 was the best option. It is very user-friendly - it's really easy to understand if you're used to an analogue console - and the audio quality is excellent. Within a few days of the test we contacted Martijn Verkerk at TM Audio to order an SD9.”


18 months later, with the SD9 having been used on every show where more than 20 inputs are required, Soundlink are still very happy with their purchase.


“We use the SD9 on a lot of our smaller shows, where an analogue console would be impractical because of its size and the requirement for outboard gear,” says Hugo.


Recent examples have included one of the many stages throughout Groningen at Groningens Ontzet, a celebration of the Dutch victory at the city’s siege in 1672; Rodermarkt, a festival in Roden which begins with an open air concert, and the two-day Christmas in Harmony, a festive show with orchestra, choir and rock band.


“We also do a lot of community and amateur theatre,” says Hugo. “We will be using the SD9 next summer for one of the largest open-air plays in the northern part of the Netherlands. This takes place over three days and needs around 20 radio microphones for speech and live music. The ability to use snapshots on the SD9 comes in very handy to do these kinds of shows.


“I really love the SD9,” he concludes. “I have barely touched an analogue console since we bought it.”

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