Trio of DiGiCo SD8s Get Rockstar Syndrome In Thailand


Thai pop sensation Palmy recently returned to recording and performing as a solo artist after an absence of five years. Promoting her new album Palmy 5, she played two sold-out shows at Bangkok’s Impact Arena, with three DiGiCo SD8s on mixing duties.


With material ranging from the chirpy, up-tempo Ka Ka Ka to piano ballads, with (the heavily ‘60s flavoured) Rockstar Syndrome somewhere in the middle, thousands of ardent fans sang along to every word. And, with the star entering the arena through the audience with a marching band, the show featuring a wide range of instrumentation, high channel count and several catwalks into the crowd the show’s Front of House engineer Andre Trebbli had a tough job and monitoring requirements were almost as complex as those at FoH.


“The SD8 has a nice sound and is very easy to use,” says Andre. “It was a complex show and riding the faders to keep the music just above the audience levels kept me on my toes, but the consoles coped well and the gigs were a huge success.”

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