Apex releases new Intelli-Ware control software at ISE 2013 


Belgian manufacturer Apex Audio has announced the official release of Intelli-Ware, an updated version of the company’s proprietary control software that enables the Intelli-X² and Inteli-Z² family of speaker management systems to be controlled remotely.


The most significant feature of Intelli-Ware is its dual-layer access-rights management system, which allows the device’s owner (for example a rental company) to prevent other users/customers from overwriting or recalling presets, or modifying system settings such as the IP or sync source configuration. 


Owners of presets, such as loudspeaker manufacturers or customer's custom libraries, can lock and hide parameters or choose to leave them as either read-only or fully modifiable. The preset access rights facility is performed within Intelli-Ware, avoiding the need for any dedicated external applications. 


Presets are now also time stamped and owner tagged, allowing for easier identification and version tracking.


Each layer is independently password protected, while all security settings (as with all other parameters) are immediately synched between all PCs in the network, offering system engineers greater confidence when the system is controlled by several people on multiple computers.


Intelli-Ware is available to download free of charge. If you don't own an Intelli-X² or Intelli-Z² yet, right-click in the device dialogue box to add a virtual device. With the virtual device selected, you can discover the highly intuitive nature of Intelli-Ware.

For more information visit www.apex-audio.be

Hi res images are available for download here