AllDSP lives the (Aero)Dream with Jarre Technologies

At 3.4m tall and delivering an astonishing 10,000 watts of sound, Jarre Technologies custom-made AeroDream One is the ultimate custom-built MP3 player. Fortunately there is also a consumer version - AeroSystem One - which delivers less power, but equal high quality, from a 1.1m tall tower. A feature of both is AllDSP digital signal processing.


The brainchild of legendary French musician Jean Michel Jarre, the inspiration behind the Aero series was his perception of an ongoing regression in the quality of music consumption. Devised with the aim of retrieving what Jarre regards as the ‘lost’ sound that is meticulously produced in state-of-the-art recording studios, Jarre wanted to make a home entertainment system true to the initial emotion created by songwriters and musicians in the studio.


Compatible with any input source – MP3/WAVES, AIFF and analogue signal - both the AeroDream One and AeroSystem One use only the very highest quality components, combining remarkable clarity of sound with a form that looks just as much a work of art as it does an audio player.


“When Jean Michel devised the Aero series, I was tasked with the electronics, specifically taking care of the tuning and equalisation,” says Jarre’s live concert Front of House engineer Alain Courier.


“When he was developing the AeroDream One in 2011, I went to ProLight+Sound to meet companies to provide the amplification and DSP. It was through amplifier manufacturers Pascal Audio that I met AllDSP.”


Working closely with Alain, AllDSP founder Jeroen van Waterschoot and his team developed bespoke DSP processors that play a key role in delivering the ultra-high audio quality that the product demands.


“It’s a really good DSP unit, we are very pleased with it,” says Alain. “AllDSP is also a really helpful company. If you need anything at any time you can give Jeroen a call.”


One major advantage of the AllDSP processing is that it can be controlled via the Aero series onboard WiFi.


“There was one occasion when Jean Michel was in Paris, exhibiting the AeroDream One in a shopping centre. I was in Nice and Jean Michel called to say that he would like to adjust a few things on the tonal balance of the unit, because it was in a difficult acoustic environment,” says Alain.

“Thanks to the AllDSP processing, from my office in Nice I took over and adjusted the tonal balance, with Jean Michel listening to the unit in Paris. He was really happy. When it sounded perfect he said ‘OK, just like that. Save it!’”

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