K-array Anakonda wins ABTT 2013 Sound Product of the Year Award

This year’s ABTT Awards, held on the evening of the show at The Old Truman Brewery in East London, saw Italian loudspeaker manufacturer K-array’s Anakonda KAN200 win ABTT’s 2013 Sound Product of the Year Award.


Distributed by Sennheiser UK, the light and flexible Anakonda KAN200 is designed as a problem solver for distributed sound applications where traditional loudspeakers can’t be used, but intelligibility, ultra-reliability and a sleek design are paramount.


Each KAN200 module is 2m (6.6ft) long. Up to 32 modules can be interconnected, creating a continuous sound line, 64m (209,97ft) in length. Integrated male and female speakon NL4 connectors hide all connections inside the ‘body’ of the speaker, which creates an elegant, seamless line. The KAN200 is the perfect fit for any distributed sound application. Its dedicated presets allow KAN200s to serve as a flexible PA system - either standalone or combined with K-array subwoofers.


The ABTT judges said they chose the Anakonda as it quite literally offers a 'flexible' approach for getting sound into interesting places, furthermore its lightness and flexibility help it to be easily integrated in existing structures.  The low profile and choices of black or white covering ‘sock’ offers applications in Front Of House areas, as well as fitting into scenic elements for spot effects.


“K-array produces truly revolutionary audio solutions,” say Sennheiser UK product manager Simon Beesley. “The KAN200 is testament to this. It is the first bendable loudspeaker to be produced and we’re delighted that the ABTT judges have chosen K-array for this accolade.” 

For more information visit en-uk.sennheiser.com

Hi res images are available for download here