Coda Audio is never a company to rest on its laurels. Always seeking to design and manufacture systems that deliver the very best possible audio quality, the company’s latest mission has been to design the first truly compact three-way line array. That mission is now at a successful end with the launch of ViRAY.


Designed for both touring and fixed installations, ViRAY has been created to deliver a system that is without compromise, fulfils the exacting needs of today’s global markets and surpasses the expectations of both user and listener.


With a maximum hang of 24 cabinets, ViRAY’s compact, high output enclosures can be used as single units as well as in multiple arrays, maximising the efficiency of the product and allowing it to be equally as at home at FOH or as a sidefill / infill system.


With all components designed and manufactured in-house, as with all Coda Audio products the design began with the key components, and ViRAY incorporates Coda’s all new DDP Dual Diaphragm Planar-wave-driver Technology.


This patented new double diaphragm transducer is a result of extensive research and development, which has resulted in dramatically improved dynamic response, clarity and transparency. It seamlessly balances with two 8” neodymium ultra low distortion cone drivers for the LF section, which feature high flux linear motors with triple demodulation rings, reducing ultra low distortion and providing increased power handling.



All ViRAY drivers are loaded to a common ViCOUPLER, which combines the energy produced from all transducers allowing them to perform as a single source, without phase destruction, thus achieving a coherent and uniform wavefront. In fact, the ViCOUPLER determines the horizontal on-axis and off-axis frequency response.


The ViCOUPLER technology integrates three main functions:


·       Waveguide for the Mid/High planar wave driver

·       Large plane screen panel to avoid backwards reflections

·       Phase plug for the 8” drivers for optimized loading


The ViCOUPLER unites all elements to form a complete entity with complete balance.


ViRAY also features a user-selectable horizontal dispersion pattern of 120° / 80° or asymmetrical 100° (60°+ 40°) or (40°+ 60°). This allows for very accurate audience coverage and reduced possibility of reflections, all resulting in outstanding system intelligibility. Vertical coverage is array dependent from 0°-10° in 1° steps. The system design allows for a vast increase in ground-stacked configurations, as well as in flown arrays.


ViRAY has a frequency response of 55Hz - 22kHz and, for extended bass response, is complemented by the optional SCV-F, which utilises Coda Audio’s award winning Sensor Control technology to turn the two elements into one unified system. SCV-F may be used in Omni or Cardioid formats and can be flown in curved arrays, allowing full system flown applications to be completely coherent in all respects.


ViRAY can also be fully integrated with Coda Audio’s RC Power/DSP management racks, making it a truly complete system. It can be used in passive or bi-amp configurations, with six ViRAY elements run from one amplifier channel in passive mode and maximum engineer control available in bi-amp mode.


Another advantage is the integrated rigging system, which allows quick and easy flying or ground stacking. Arrays may be built straight or curved to obtain the desired vertical coverage. Coda EASE Focus simulation software allows calculating the perfect curving setup for every application.


The ViRAY multiplex enclosure is finished with a Polyurea coating for extreme durability and water protection. A complete accessory suite includes flybars and dollies (which allow cabinet angles to be set before use and transported without change), weather resistant protection covers and flight cases.


“ViRAY incorporates a complete suite of new components and creative designs that have been brought together to produce something very special,” says Coda’s Mick Anderson. “It is the result of a perfect combination of technical innovation, excellence and real-world experience, which we believe have produced a system of such high quality and flexibility that it will be used in all kinds of venues, from the smallest clubs, through theatres and houses of worship, through to major arenas and concert halls.”

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