Apex to show Hera Mk II at ISE 2013


ISE 2013 sees Belgian manufacturer Apex Audio release Hera Mk II, a completely re-engineered version of its Hera sound level controller, bringing with it a new level of accuracy and additional noise control features.


The Apex Hera Mk II is certified to meet the IEC 61672 class 2 Sound Level meter standard. Hera Mk II is the ideal choice when SPL logging is required and conforms to VLAREM, the new Flemish regulations on sound level.


Hera Mk II’s features include:

  • a more robust measurement microphone
  • easy on-site calibration, only requiring a sound calibrator
  • new logic output traffic-light mode, enabling DJs or sound engineers to better react to, and maintain, sound levels within a predefined permissible range
  • equivalent continuous sound level (Leq) and peak sound level logging
  • system tamper detection and logging


The new Hera Mk II remains fully compatible with Apex’s Argos limiter, a combination that is sure to guarantee happy neighbours.


The new Hera Mk II is shipping now.


More information about Apex Audio can be found at http://www.apex-audio.eu

For more information visit www.apex-audio.be

Hi res images are available for download here